Nothing captures people’s attention more effectively than a striking image. And having a collection of these images attached to your brand significantly improves the way the rest of the world sees and engages with your business. First impressions are crucial in today’s competitive online world, and utilizing the skills of an established and experienced photographer is the most effective way for your company to stand out from the competition. 

The team at Maguri Photography has over twenty years of industry experience delivering quality images across all photographic styles. Over these years they have developed the ability to innovate and be creative in order to capture professional, unique images that stand out from the crowd while still keeping within the parameters of the client’s brief.

How do we do it?

Maguri Director, Aaron, will conduct an in-depth consultation in order to gain an insight into, and thorough understanding of, the vision you have for your business. You’ll discuss what you want out of the session and what purpose the resulting images will be used for. With this information Aaron will determine the correct style of photographic session you require, match you with the perfect photographer, and schedule your shoot. The result of which will be a series of professional images that you can employ across a number of different platforms with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Through Maguri’s partnership with Prism Imaging in North Melbourne, one of Australia’s leading fine art image specialists, any printing or framing requirements required can also be organised and produced in a professional and timely manner.

No matter what style of photography you require; corporate, portraits, events, presentations, promotions, training etc. Maguri Photography will raise the profile of your business by engaging your audience with beautiful visual content, all whilst accurately portraying the standards and values that your business represents. 

Contact us to discuss how Maguri Photography can work for you.