360 degree tours

Our 360 degree virtual tours allow you and your customers to take a detailed look through a your desired location.

An easy to navigate floor-plan, secure web-hosting service and quick loading ensures the experience is hassle free, resulting in increased views and ultimately more transactions for you.

Real Estate

This gives the viewer a great new perspective when looking for their next home. It is the next level in Real Estate photography and a great asset to any website advertising package giving a point of difference to the competition.


The 360 degree tours allow potential buyers to virtually be at the property and navigate freely through it's internal and external aspects, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and engagement in their house-hunting experience.



“Sandcastles” by Emma McEvoy confronts the way we treat our surroundings and the environmental effects of our actions. It aims to offer a deeper insight into what one can learn from the history of Kolmanskop – That everything is ephemeral and nothing lasts forever, thus, an even balance between humanity and our environment is vital. 

The exhibition

Emma was fortunate enough to obtain access to a house set for demolition in Fitzroy, Melbourne to stage her latest photography exhibition, Sandcastles.

Emma shipped in sand to emulate the location she photographed. 360 photography was done the day prior to the opening. It is for artists, admirers, sponsors and of course Emma to remember the exhibition as it actually was.